This is me. My Name is  Jessy and I`m from Germany.

I fell in love with travelling a long time ago. When I was a child my parents went camping with me and we always explored the area and we never stayed one day at the same place! So I really enjoyed wandering around, exploring new things and falling in love with the landscapes.

I especially fell in love with the mountains. Hiking is the medicine for my soul! I love any kind of destination because every single spot on this planet has it`s own magic, it`s own vibe! But from time to time I know I have to go back into the mountains to recharge my batteries, to soothe my soul.

What I really love is to see the beauty of the world with all the different types of landscapes, different types of exploring, different accommodation, different food, different culture, different lifestyles and just every kind of adventure – and I  want to share everything I`m exploring during my journey with all of you! So I want to share the beauty of the world!




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