Travel with an open heart – always

It Comes and goes in waves – it always does
But nothing should you ever stop from travelling with an open heart! Appreciate each minute of falling in love with nature, places or people. Even if that means pain in the end… … More Travel with an open heart – always


More Reality on Social Media – please!

Did you ever asked yourself, during Scrolling down your Instafeet, how real those Images are? I mean I`m seeing here in NZ a lot. But I am now kind of annoyed, pissed-off and bored about those fake Images. What do I mean? Well just think about it, if you see the next time a girl standing on top of a mountain (8h walk), in a red dress, no sweat, perfect make up and hair. And than look at yourself after a 8h walk. Looking the same? … More More Reality on Social Media – please!

You are not allowed to have doubts when you are travelling

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Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. So this is what you think about travelling. When you can travel around you are privileged. You aren`t allowed to doubt. Because you are in a beautiful country, there can`t be anything wrong. You are having fun and enjoying each moment. Your days are 24 hours full of action and adventures. Got it? Because you are not having real problems.
Excuse me!?!? … More You are not allowed to have doubts when you are travelling

Why you should do Sport while you`re travelling

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It´s end of the year and you have some pretty good resolutions for the next year? Do more sports, eat better, stay fit…Maybe you can keep on your new sporty routine for a few weeks. But most people lose interest in all of the fresh cooking and doing sport. But I tell you something! If you plan to go on an adventure – do sports! If you are on an adventure – do more sports! You think I`m crazy? I am not!! I tell you why…. … More Why you should do Sport while you`re travelling

Face your Fears!

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The World is so beautiful! There are plenty of things to see, to feel, to discover and to explore. I will take you with me on my journey to explore and travel the world. And that means different countries, hikes, destinations, food, accomodations,… just everything I think needs to be shared with the world. … More Face your Fears!