My name is Jessy and I`m currently at the other side of the world. I like to explore new things and I want to share the beauty of different things with all of you! So if you have any questions, inspirations or you just want to say hello to me – feel free to do it. The only thing you have to do is fill in the contact form below and I will answer to you as soon as possible 🙂

If you love to collaborate then I`m the person you`re looking for – let`s create something together!

What can I do for you and your company? What and where are my experiences? Just read the text below the submit area.

I have a business administration degree and know how important areas like Marketing, Sales and Social Media are for companies. Nowadays it needs more than the average advertisement. Clients, customer and tourists want to be impressed. That needs creativity, liability, a bit of craziness and you should always be one step ahead in your type of business. Do you know your target group? And do you know what they want? Do you know how your Business external image is? Do you need help with creative projects to promote your Business? Do you need a change? Well then I could help you!

  • I can work for you as a product tester to put your products through the paces. Quality, functionality, design and other topics will be tested reliable. After testing I`ll give you a detailed report about the products with the advantages & disadvantages as well as a suggestion of improvement
  • I can promote your destination, accommodation, products, companies, adventures, etc. and write a blog article about it, create some content and take some pictures
  • I can help you engaging your customers due to photography, videography and social media
  • I can work with you together in creative projects
  • Work as a brand ambassador
  • Social Media and Marketing Tips
  • Professional photography
  • Project Management (not only photography and videography also Business related)
  • Change Management

These are just examples how we could collaborate and work together. If you have other ideas, just let me know! I`m open for all kind of projects and I`m available world-wide but currently based in New Zealand.